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 *ALL PRICES INCLUDE GST  Consultation is free with your first nail service appointment

Natural Nail Care Services

         Bedside/Hospital Nail Care                   $60 + parking fee

         Trim & File Nails (finger & toenails)  
         (+$5 per add-on: Hydration / Calous Reduction /                   Polish / Nail Cleaning )       

         Trim & File Toenails  $40
         Trim & File Finger Nails  $30
         Traditional  Manicure  $45
          Traditional   Pedicure  $55

                            Advanced Pedicure               
         (determined by health conditions and nail type)

                            Mani/Pedi Combo

 Pedi Type Price + $20

                            Mineral Wax Treatment  $10
                            Corn Reduction/Removal   $10 per corn
                            Fungal Nail treatment                     As per quote during the consultation
                            Nail Repair   $5 - $15
        (adhesives and gel/UV applications may be used)  as per assessment

         Nail Biting Cessation Program

                    *Includes Glass Nail File & Cuticle Oil Kit

 $60  Program Assessment & Treatment
$ 40.00 per bi-weekly treatment 
         Nail Extension Regrow Program
                    *Includes Glass Nail File & Cuticle Oil Kit

$70.00 Extension Removal & Mani 

$40.00 per bi-weekly treatment over two months.

*Ethically sourced products and essential oils*

* Fragrance-Free Service Available*
(upon request at the point of appointment booking)

*High-quality foot and hand care products used for all services*

Footlogix * Hempz * Nano-Tess * Gehwol  


 Appointment Etiquette

Please be bathed and clothed appropriately for your appointment.  We recommend shorts or pants that can be rolled to the knee comfortably.  Nail polish should be removed if possible. If colour nail polish is desired, please provide your nail polish that is NOT GEL/UV cured (Clear fortifying healing nail polish is provided) Cancellations should be sent by text to: 780-807-5883, 24 hours before your appointment to avoid a possible cancellation fee of $20.00

This is a time for you to relax and benefit from your treatment.  We encourage you to be free
of distractions where possible.  We love pets, so please be sure your pet is secure for your appointment.
                                                                                                               ~Thank You~

 Business Hours: Monday to Friday  10 AM - 6 PM
Natural Nail Care Home Service provides treatments within Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and surrounding areas (travel fee may apply to distance travelled outside of Edmonton)  We support and cultivate a safe work environment, reserving the right to refuse service or end appointments to ensure the safety of our Treatment Providers.  ALL NEW Clients will be confirmed by phone contact. Email appointment requests will not be booked without going through the phone call intake process.  All NNCHS Treatment Providers are VP security-cleared, Certified, Licensed and Insured.
Sanitation Protocols and Contagion Containment are strictly followed. Let's Stay Healthy!

Methods of Payment:
Cash * e-transfer * Personal Cheque * Visa & Mastercard  (by Square Reader) *
We do not accept PayPal, and Debit Card payments may not be processed.

Sorry for the inconvenience
Please note that a "no-notice" cancellation fee of $20.00 may apply for missed appointments